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Wednesday: from the hills to Oasi Bidderosa & Capo Comino

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From the hills to the sea, a varied tour to discover the backcountry, the crystalline waters of the Oasi Bidderosa and the sand dunes of Capo Comino. Watch and breath in all the natural beauty that Sardinia can offer.

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All about the Wednesday: from the hills to Oasi Bidderosa & Capo Comino.

Find out the real essence of Sardinia cycling across the places that make it such a special and unique natural paradise. Come on a journey through nature and history and pause by the prehistoric Domus de Janas. And down to the sea, to admire the wealthy variety of bird species that populate the estuaries of the rivers, which groove the beaches and originate the lagoons, natural home of thousands of pink flamingos.

The enticement of the sea becomes clearer as one pedals on the shady trails of the Oasi Bidderosa, smelling it in the air and feeling it among the trees. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of beaches that make up the coast, from Bérchida white sandy shores to the flaming rocks that surround the lighthouse that guards the east coast. This itinerary deserves to be experienced on a quiet rhythm, diving your gaze on each and every cove, or letting it soothe the soft contours of the dunes that face the eastern winds.

If the group feels like pedaling a little more, it is possible to extend this tour to visit a few more historical, cultural and natural landmarks.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Qualified guide
  • e-Mountain Bike
  • Visit to the archaeological areas listed on the Itinerary
  • Visit to the natural Oasis Bidderosa
  • Helmet
  • Technical support
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Water and food
  • Any accessory
  1. Giant tomb Cutinas archaeology

    The Tomb of the Giants in Cutinas is an ancient nuragic sepulchre. It is so impressive and awe-inspiring it fostered the myth of an island populated by giants who worshipped the mediterranean cult of the bull, known symbol of power. Silent testimony of a history that roots deeply in this land and stones, standing more than 3500 years on a place unaltered by time.

  2. Santu Juanne Istranzu culture

    Deep in the heartland of Sardinia, Santu Juanne Istranzu is an oasis of spirituality and traditions. It is a suggestive worship place surrounded by a peaceful and thriving nature, and the background of a popular celebration that merges religious faith and culture, to celebrate life and and the mysteries of the sacre.

  3. Domus de Janas archaeology

    Ancient testimonies of a time when myth and history spoke the same language. The Domus de janas owe their charm to the legends that populated them with fairies and fabulous ancestors. Patient witnesses of the passing of time, these sepulcral complexes date back to the neolithic and tell us forgotten stories of ancestral cultures, as deeply linked to the nature of these places as the cult of mother earth.

  4. Granite pillars in Locherie nature

    A unique landscapes, modelled by the joined efforts of man and time, where silence plays the leading role. Mingle in with nature, abandon your senses to the rounded granitic shapes and let your breath dictate the rhythm of your presence within this scenery.

  5. Giant tomb Su Picante archaeology

    On the vast solitude that surrounds the plateau above the Caddara river, the rests of an ancient nuragic sepulchre emerge with a crown of megaliths, unfolding the ancient myth of the giants. Sons of the earth, prodigious architects and heroic sailors, who crossed the seas from the oriental edges to the Pillars of Hercules.

  6. Capo Comino nature

    Miles of white-sanded beaches liven up with dunes, juniper trees and mediterranean bushes face one of the most crystalline sea fronts in Sardinia. From the old lighthouse that dominate the easternmost point of the island down to the vast pinewood in Mandras, the wild scenery gradually becomes more familiar. Capo Comino is a place to live in many different ways. It is ideal for a shady break, as well as to have a refreshing drink by the sea and even for an adventurous excursion to discover the fishes and relicts at the bottom of the sea.

  7. Berchida nature

    North of the natural park Bidderosa, the white-sanded beach of Bérchida marks a vast tract of uncontaminated coast, and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The path in Bèrchida moves ahead between the pictoreque waters and the gentle hills covered with mediterranean bushes. Where the hills meet the beach the estuary of the Bérchida river creates a constellation of lagoons populated with thousands of pink flamingos.

  8. Oasi Bidderosa narture

    The Oasi Bidderosa is a nature reserve that deserves to be explored in each direction. Numerous paths cross the shady woods of secular junipers, oaks and pines. It is the ideal place for a full immersion in nature, cycling among the lagoons with hundreds of bird species, diving in the crystal clear sea and sunbathing on the rose coloured sands. The Oasi Bidderosa is a place where nature and beauty absorb all worries and thoughts.