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The best way to enjoy Sardinia
[entrada_services_block entrada_service_block_title=”City Bikes” entrada_service_block_image=”2138″ entrada_service_block_icon=”icon-directions” entrada_service_block_short_desc=”Ideal for easy rides in town or to the beach, choose among our electric or classic city bikes and find the one that better suits your style.
[entrada_services_block entrada_service_block_title=”Off-Road” entrada_service_block_image=”2139″ entrada_service_block_icon=”icon-link” entrada_service_block_short_desc=”Sardinia deserves a thorough exploration! Don’t stop at the end of the road, rent an electric or a classic Mountain Bike and discover the best sceneries”]
[entrada_services_block entrada_service_block_title=”Guided Tours” entrada_service_block_image=”2388″ entrada_service_block_icon=”icon-link” entrada_service_block_short_desc=”Follow our guides and discover the best itineraries to connect our wonderful beaches, the awesome landscapes and the many archaeological sites
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What would we do without bikes?
[content_column content_column_title=”The lovers of the 2 wheels (with pedals)” content_column_desc=”We love people and travelling, but more than anything we love people who travel.
We live and work in a magic place: Sos Alinos, on the east coast of Sardinia, between Capo Comino and Orosei. We are near the sea, among the most beautiful beaches and the widest pine woods in the island, at the edge of one of most beautiful and wild landscapes in the Mediterranean.
We believe that bicycles are the best means to become one with nature, to discover the beauties of it and to breath in their essence.
From north to south, along the coast and through the hills, reaching the small coves and exploring the tiny villages, on tarmac and off the beaten path, always riding the right bike. Breathing deeply, immersed in this dreamscape with our heads already over the horizon.
Let’s Bike!” block_for=”about-top”]
[content_column content_column_title=”We rent bikes, accessories, maps and GPS navigators.” content_column_desc=”To those who prefer to move autonomously,
alone or in a group,
We provides all-round help, sharing our huge resources of local knowledge. We have studied the best itineraries, which are available for you on print maps and GPS navigators. Choose your destination and pedal on an unforgettable experience.

We love kids and think about families too.
If you have a little rascal we have many solutions to let you live this experience together. From trailer bikes to seats, there’s nothing stopping you from transforming a trip in a real holiday.” block_for=”about-top”]

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Our qualified and professional guides are the secret of our success.
[content_column content_column_title=”Tailored Guided Tours” content_column_desc=”Choose your route, your bike and your rhythm.
We can all share the same possibilities and safety.
Our goal is to allow each and every one to peacefully explore our unique territory, to fully enjoying its beauties and all it can offer, every day, all year round.
This is why our guides lead the way each day for lone riders or groups of cyclists, discovering the beast pearls, on itineraries of any difficulty, on Trekking or Mountain Bikes, classic or electric. Whether you are a passionate cyclists or have little or no preparation, from long rides to short strolls, our guides can guide you on the best journey for your skills.

We offer a tailored service to those who are used to sweating, and to those who sweat with anticipation.” block_for=”bottom-top”]

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[entrada_blockquote blockquote_short_desc=”“One of the most important days of my life,
was when I learned to ride a bicycle.”
Michael Palin”]
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