[bartag entrada_heading=”OUR DISCOUNT POLICY”]Book for longer and save up to the 25% on the total price[/bartag]

In order to facilitate the hiring of our bikes for longer periods of time we apply a discount policy that diminishes the price of 5% for each additional day of hiring, up to a maximum discount of 25%. This is how it workd:

  • For 2 days of hiring we do a 5% discount on the total price
  • For 3 days of hiring we do a 10% discount on the total price
  • For 4 days of hiring we do a 15% discount on the total price
  • For 5 days of hiring we do a 20% discount on the total price
  • From the 6th day on we apply 25% discount on the total price

Example: E-MTB, cost for one day: €45

1 Day


2 Days


3 Days


4 Days


5 Days


From the 6th day on

€34 per day

This discount policy is applied to any bike, including kids bikes.

[bartag entrada_heading=”FAMILY DISCOUNTS”]The younger goes for free![/bartag]

youngest goes for free

We also try to support families and the hiring of bikes for family groups. On families with at least 4 members, the youngest kid can have a seat or a bike for free. No hidden charges.

So, if you are booking for your family, do not pay for your youngest rascal. Send us an email instead and we will reserve your preferred solution for free.

e-MTB Junior

Kids love it and adults dream or using it. The electric mountain bike for kids can take them on any track. The top of the technology for our young explorers.

MTB Junior

Front shock absorbers and powerful brakes. This Mountain Bike is the must-ride for young and ambitious cyclists as well as less experienced ones.

MTB kids

This is much more than a kids bike, it is a miniature MTB. It is precise in all details, providing great control and greater satisfaction.

Kids Trailer Bike

No more being carried around! Even kids can now have the satisfaction of jumping on a saddle and ride along on longer trips in total safety.