In bicicletta nel centro storico di Galtellì
In bicicletta nel centro storico di Orosei

Galtellì, mt. Tuttavista and Orosei

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On the saddle of our electric Mountain Bikes we will discover the best natural, archaeological and cultural monuments around Orosei and Galtelli. From the estuary of the Cedrino river to the mount Tuttavista, living the view at 360°

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    All about the Galtellì, mt. Tuttavista and Orosei.

    Let’s Bike through the beautiful area of Onifai, mesmerized by the fragrance of the mediterranean aromatic plants, on a landscape where remote volcanic eruptions covered with basalt the ancient granitic base. A wild territory that shield the marvels of a long gone civilization and suggestive places of worship, background of popular traditions that are still repeated to date.

    Travelling through the history of the island, the medieval churches and buildings in Galtelli witness the passages from prehistory to modern age, with a wealth of stories that generated a rich literary turmoil during the XIX century.

    Above the bell towers, on the top of the mount Tuttavista, our sight can rest and lose itself on the infinity of the horizon, only to find itself again on the picturesque warmth of the historical houses and alleys that intertwine the historical center of Orosei.

    A journey where nature and history merge together, in the silence that, along the banks of the Cedrino river, carries the calm flow of the waters towards their freedom to the sea.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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    • Qualified guide
    • e-Mountain Bike
    • Visit to the archaeological areas listed on the Itinerary
    • Visit to the natural Oasis Bidderosa
    • Helmet
    • Technical support
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    • Water and food
    • Any accessory
    1. Giant tomb Cutinas archaeology

      The Tomb of the Giants in Cutinas is an ancient nuragic sepulchre. It is so impressive and awe-inspiring it fostered the myth of an island populated by giants who worshipped the mediterranean cult of the bull, known symbol of power. Silent testimony of a history that roots deeply in this land and stones, standing more than 3500 years on a place unaltered by time.

    2. Santu Juanne Istranzu culture

      Deep in the heartland of Sardinia, Santu Juanne Istranzu is an oasis of spirituality and traditions. It is a suggestive worship place surrounded by a peaceful and thriving nature, and the background of a popular celebration that merges religious faith and culture, to celebrate life and and the mysteries of the sacre.

    3. Galtelli culture

      Galtellì is the local fulcrum of history. The characters evoked by the indelible pen of Nobel winner Grazia Deledda stem from medieval memories, when the town thrived thanks to the bishopric and the dwelling of the rich landowners. It is a place where literature can be found on the walls of the houses and breather on any road.

    4. Mount Tuttavista nature

      Cycling on the silver profile of the mount Tuttavista, from the first slopes to the top, means winning the right to overlook the island from a unique vantage point. It is where a single glance allows one to contemplate the entire world, admiring the green lands sea encircled by sea and the blue sky. The extent of the panorama is immense, a 360 degrees view above the austhere and solitary mountains to the coast that surrounds the gulf of Orosei.

    5. Orosei culture

      Orosei has always been a mandatory passageway for the people who engraved the destiny of this land, from the medieval district of Arborea and the reigns of Pisa and Aragon, to the reign of Sardinia and Piedmont in the nineteenth century. Each passage left a trace, such as the towers, the ancient jail and the historical abodes. They coexist in a quirky place where the joyous summer frenzy and the millenary rituals sign that sign the winter time live together without clashes.

    6. The estuary of the Cedrino river nature

      Pedalling along the shores of the Cedrino river feels like merging with the rhythm of this calm witness of the changes of the landscape. Its banks, safe retreat for a thriving and luxurious vegetation, encourage us to let it go, and enjoy a short pause on the shade of the little church of Saint Mary, where the its calm waters dive into the sea.