Let’s Bike Sardinia “Cycling in September 2020”

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Let's Bike Sardinia "Cycling in September 2020"

Hello George Hillier, this is a copy of the message you sent today to Let’s BIKE Sardinia.
We will try to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.
For emergencies please call one of the phone numbers listed below.
George Hillier     georgehillier7@gmail.com
Cycling in September 2020


We are a group of cyclist looking to rent carbon frame road bikes for 4 days in September 2020.
would you be able to help with this?

also, do you have any recommendations for cycle accommodation in the area?  
Thank-you in advance


Let’s BIKE Sardinia


TEL:+39 331 620 2373
Let’s BIKE Sardinia srl ® 2018

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